March 3rd 2004 - March 3rd 2014

All good things come to an end, and this site served it's purpose in ways I never imagined it to. It brought people together - people who remain good friends with the only barriers being physical distances.

This site was just a forum. It barely offered anything in terms of value for the random public. But you'd be surprised what a few people can do given the right circumstances. It started before social networking really meant anything, and the members became very tight-knit. Some visited each other across continents, some have very personal memories.

Was it easy? Nope. We sure had our differences at times. Sometimes pretty serious ones. We laughed, we argued, we bantered, but overall we got on. Some inevitably had paths in their lives which meant they moved on, and the moment any communication was bought back, it would be as if they never left.

If you were a regular here, and this page is a surprise to you, don't worry. Nothing has happened. The site served it's purpose, and on it's tenth anniversary, it came to an end. Progressing, or revamping the site would mean trampling on the past. Any improvement would have meant focusing the site on a particular topic - one we never really agreed on for the site. It would have not been the same place. We are still around in some shape or form, just elsewhere. Some of us are very much in regular contact, and extremely good friends.

Thank you to all those who helped over the decade, and those who took part. You all mean a lot, and I sincerely wish you all the best with whatever path you are chasing.